Translation of product descriptions

Bengtsson Dynamics specializes in translations of high volume product descriptions from English to Swedish, as well as from Spanish to Swedish. The ideal choice for any company which is building a webshop and is trying to enter the Swedish market.

Bengtsson Dynamics makes sure that you as a client receive translations which are free from errors, done in a consistent manner and correspond to your original texts both in terms of meaning and proper vocabulary for your area.
Translations from Bengtsson Dynamics are on time by reaching designated deadlines and in a friendly format for the client who is going to use the translations. Communication is crucial. Hence, we also put effort on maintaining this with clients and informing them in regards to any changes or obstacles facing the project.
Bengtsson Dynamics has a free post translation amendment policy, which means that any need for amendment of the delivered translations, even if discovered at a later stage, will be done without additional charge to the client.

Bengtsson Dynamics did excellent work and was an awesome communicator. Performed job quickly and up to standard. We were able to quickly enter the Swedish market with our webshop. Will definitely hire again!

Ben T.